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About Us

Who we are & What we do

We are Improving Access to Psychological Therapies.  Our aim is to provide psychological treatments, sometimes called talking treatments, to help people who are stressed, be that feeling low in mood (depressed) or very nervous (anxiety).

The treatments we offer are in line with the 'NICE' guidelines for anxiety and depression.

We have three types of workers:

All of our workers are trained and their work regularly supervised.  

We try to offer our service in different ways to suit different people, e.g. online treatments, large Stress Control evening classes, small workshops, telephone treatment, as well as more standard face to face treatment.

Our treatments are available through all the GPs in Sheffield, a range of voluntary sector organisations and for some you can book yourself in directly, online or by phone.

We are part of Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust and we adhere to NHS standards for clinical care, record keeping and confidentiality.


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