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Employment Advice

As well as helping you with a range of therapies, we can also give you advice and support if you problems are affecting your work or employment, or if you are looking at returning to work.  You can get free and confidential advice on a range of things including:

- Employment law, such as redundancy, unfair dismissal, holidays, grievances etc.

- Disibility discrimination, including harrassment, victimisation, disciplinary procedures, unfair dismissal and more.

- Reasonable adjustments at work, for example: alternative duties, flexible working/phased return, support for the employers to implement reasonable adjustments, strategies to minimize work related stress and so on.


We can also help you if you feel your employer doesn't understand some of the above issues and they don't have awareness of the issues surrounding anxiety and depression, giving advice and showing employers where they can get information.

You can also get in touch with us to find out where you can get more support from relevant organisations.


If you want to look at some resources or get some further information about common employment issues before, during or after making contact with an employment adviser, then have a look at links below;

Employee Resources

Work Place Timeline

Wellness Recovery Action Plan and Template

Health and Safety Executive Stress Risk Assessment

Reasonable Adjustments at Work for Mental Health Conditions

Employment Law Factsheets on common employment issues such as grievances, holidays, discrimination and more;

Sheffield Law Centre

Useful Links for Employees


Direct Gov

Health and Safety Executive

Mindful Employer ‘Keeping Well & at Work Guide’


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