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Stress, low mood and anxiety are all common problems that affect most people at some point in their lives. If you are often feeling low, or worried, having problems at work or generally not feeling yourself, you are not alone. Take a look at these quotes:

“I feel nervous and tense all of the time. Worrying about things… what if I didn’t lock the door, what if we get broken into, what if I lose my job? I can’t stop, and it’s exhausting.”

“I feel panicky, like I can’t breathe. My heart pounds and I can hear it in my ears. I don’t know what it is but I just can’t seem to stop it. It’s taking over my life”

“I can say the worst things to those I love. I often rip my partner to shreds in the morning. I go to work, feel so much guilt and promise never to treat him like that again. Then I get home and I just do it again. I hate myself. One of these days, he’ll leave. I could not blame him.”

“I’m tired all day, but as soon as my head hits the pillow my mind starts to race. There’s so many things going round in my head and they just won’t stop.”

If any of these sound like you, don’t worry, there are many ways that you can get help.

Have a look at these helpful websites and resources and here to look at the things that we can offer to help.

If you want to find out more about people who have used our services, have a look here at people’s stories.

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