Real Lives
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Real Lives

Everyone who we work with has their own story to tell.  Here are the stories from some people who have found our service useful.

Female Silhouette Sarah's story

I didn't go out anywhere or do anything apart from go to work and see my dad because I was scared.  I was scared of what people thought of me and scared of embarrassing myself and I started sweating because I was nervous and embarrassed.  Read more>

Female Silhouette Shabnam's Story

Trying to please other people all of the time led to lots of worrying about other people and worries about getting ill and not being around for them.  The way I tried to deal with this was by asking people for reassurance.  Read more>

Male SilhouetteStephen's Story

Since the Hillsborough disaster, where I played a key role, I have felt guilty and been unable to forgive myself for some events that took place.  This has led to severe depression and mood swings like I have never known.  Read more>

Female Silhouette Julie's Story

Feeling sad and upset.  Thinking about the past and future.  Lack of confidence and feeling inadequate to others. Read more>

Male Silhouette Paul's Story

I felt unable to relax most of the time, my neck and shoulders would feel tense and I would have a constant sick feeling in my stomach. Read more>

Female Silhouette Elaine's Story

Obsessive checking and anxiety when leaving the house, thinking that things might be left on.  Thinking that there will be some kind of accident which will be my fault. Read more>

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