Sarah's Story
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Sarah's Story

What was the problem before therapy started?

I didn't go out anywhere or do anything apart from go to work and see my dad because I was scared.  I was scared of what people thought of me and scared of embarrassing myself and I started sweating because I was nervous and embarrassed.  When I was sweating I saw myself as dripping wet, unattractive, disgusting and an idiot.  This made me think that people wouldn't want to talk to me.  I couldn't go out even though I wanted to, I didn't know what to do and felt upset a lot of the time.

How did it develop?

I have always been shy and not really liked talking to people when on my own.  Being nervous spread to other situations and eventually my whole social life.  The more I worried about going out and how other people saw me, the less I wanted to go out, I just worried which made it worse.  I was just guessing at what people thought of me which wasn't true.

What kept it going?

I kept having negative thoughts about myself and thought I couldn't do anything and kept avoiding things which made me think I couldn't do it anymore.  I kept worrying about things before I did them, anticipating it would be bad.  It just kept going round in circles.

When I did go out I used safety behaviours, they made it worse because I didn't really face up to things and didn't really see what was going on around me.  When I was on the bus, I thought people were staring at me but I didn't actually know because I was avoiding eye contact and reading a book. 

When I got home I worried about what everyone else thought of me and how I had come across.  I always thought that I had come across badly so that the next time I went out I was even more worried.

What's changed since therapy began?

My thinking has changed, I have learnt to look for evidence that people don't like me.  Making conversations with customers at work was hard because I didn't know what to say, I started off by asking people about the weather and holidays.  The more I talked to people the easier I found it.  People talk to me more now because I am more confident and approachable.

I was very worried about what people thought of me.  We worked out a scale and I realise that I was closed to what I actually wanted to be that I thought.

How will I build on this and take it forward?

Keep remembering to look for evidence that may or may not confirm negative thoughts.

Remember that avoiding things just makes it worse.

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